Our HECO®PRO additives protect plastics from unappealing scratches. They not only act on the surface, but deep inside the polymer. They simultaneously improve the hardness and scratch resistance of your plastics.

Product benefits – Additives for plastics


Protects the plastic from unsightly scratches.


Reduction of surface friction.

HECO®PRO scratch resistance modifier for the plastics industry

Even the smallest scratch can ruin the flawless appearance of the most beautiful plastic surface. To prevent unappealing scratches from occurring in the first place, plastic surfaces can be given special protection. The PRO in HECO®PRO stands for Protection, because our additives protect plastic surfaces from scratching by improving scratch resistance.

Short-term and long-term solutions are available for ensuring the surface scratch resistance of polymers. We use different additives depending on the plastic used and the desired effect.

For high-quality plastic products, such as interiors in the automotive industry, our polysiloxane-based HECO®PRO additives are used. They embed themselves deeply into
the molecular chain of the polymer, forming a solid layer that seals the surface. Once sealed, the surface is permanently protected from scratches HECO®PRO 010 P is our universally applicable additive, which improves the surface scratch resistance of plastics long term and ensures that the
visually desired effect lasts for a long time. Our additive can be used for various polymers such as polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides and polycarbonates.

For plastics where a flawless surface without scratching is only temporarily required, we use our HECO®PRO lubricant-based additives, which migrate out of the polymer. The resulting outer sliding film facilitates slipping on the plastic surface. In the packaging industry, for example, this prevents the caps that fall out during
demoulding from damaging each other. However, since the effect wears off over time, the surface scratch resistance is only temporary. Our additives HECO®PRO 020 PP and HECO®PRO 021 PP have been developed for use in polypropylene.

Protect your plastic surfaces with the help of our additives.

HECO®PRO scratch resistance modifiers for plastics include:

010 P

suitable for various polymers such as polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters, polycarbonates; Surface scratch resistance modifier; significantly improves surface scratch and wear resistance; reduces surface friction and increases surface gloss; also acts as a slip and release agent; increases impact and tensile strength in the end product and reduces brittleness

020 PP

suitable for polypropylene; Excellent lubricant which significantly improves the internal melt flow. It reduces surface friction and supports the winding process and the flatness of PP films. Moulded parts get a smoother surface appearance

021 PP

suitable for polypropylene; Surface scratch resistance modifier with very good slip and demoulding properties. It improves the surface finish as well as the surface gloss of moulded parts. Through the combination of nucleation and lubricant, the opening forces of closures can be controlled


In which field of application do you want to be flawlessly beautiful with our plastic additives?
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