Static shock? Not with us – HECO®STAT antistatic agents reduce the electrostatic charge of plastic products and thus their attraction for dust.

Product benefits – Additives for plastics


Fast and slow moving substances settle on the surface of the finished product, preventing electrostatic charging.


Amine-free alternatives.

HECO®STAT Antistatic agents for the plastics industry

When plastics discharge, it can cause sparks to fly. In film production, our antistatic additives ensure that the finished films do not stick together when unrolled and prevent sparks from forming. Any electrostatic charge is prevented by our antistatic agents. In the case of plastic bottles, the antistatic effect is reflected in the fact that no dust is attracted.

HECO®STAT antistatic agents reduce the electrical surface resistance of polymers. Available as long-term antistatic agents and as short-term antistatic agents, they have exactly the antistatic properties you need for your plastics.

Lightning fast – short term antistatic agents act immediately by gradually migrate to the plastics surface. In contact with atmospheric moisture, a dissipative hydrophilic film is formed. The electrostatic charge can thus be dissipated more quickly, but does not last forever.

Whip smart – long-term antistatic agents have an antistatic effect that is maintained throughout the plastics life cycle and cannot be wiped off. The structure of the additives dissipates the static charge of the plastics – regardless of the ambient humidity.

Our HECO®STAT antistatic agents strike like lightning. HECO®STAT 210 PE is used as a short-term antistatic agent for packaging everywhere, including food. HECO®STAT 290 can be sprayed on as a long-term antistatic agent in the form of a self-prepared aqueous solution during film production.

We won’t let you and your plastics down!

HECO®STAT antistatic agents for plastics include:

207 PE

suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene; Internal amine-free long-term antistatic agent

208 PP

suitable for polypropylene; Internal amine-free long-term antistatic agent

210 PE

suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, Internal amine-free short-term antistatic agent with demoulding properties

211 PP

suitable for polypropylene, Internal amine-free short-term antistatic agent with demoulding properties


suitable for various polymers such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, PET, POM; Long-term antistatic agent which acts as a flow-enhancing lubricant and release agent; is preferably used as an internal antistatic agent; where incorporation into the plastic is not possible, it can be applied by spraying or dipping from the outside onto the surface of the finished plastic part


In which field of application do you want to be lightning smart with our plastic additives?
We would be happy to use our research and development to specifically develop the plastic additive you need to optimise your individual process.