HECO®FLAM 590 PP für halogenfreien Flammschutz
Halogen-free flame retardants are becoming more and more interesting due to their better environmental compatibility. Since we at HECOPLAST® are passionate about sustainability ourselves, we have done everything we can with our research and development to be able to offer you the first halogen-free flame retardant in our product portfolio. We are fired up to introduce you to HECO®FLAM 590 PP.

Until now, with our flame retardants HECO®FLAM 575and HECO®FLAM 581 PE, we only had halogen-containing flame retardant additives in our portfolio.
With HECO®FLAM 590 PP we now offer the first halogen-free alternative, the halogen-free additive is also suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene. It meets the requirements of DIN 4102 and UL 94 V2. The halogen-free additive can also be used where halogen-containing flame retardants can no longer be used due to legal requirements.
Our passion for the new HECO®FLAM 590 PP has been kindled. We would also be happy to ignite your passion for halogen-free flame retardants and use our research and development to develop a whole range of sustainable flame retardants. Do you need a flame retardant plastic additive for your individual process? Just talk to us.

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